Friday, May 7, 2010

How great it is to be loved by you...

   I know, I know... I haven't posted a blog in awhile. I think about what I should write about often. I have to edit myself or I would end up with a blog full of hundreds of birth, breastfeeding, and Attachment Parenting activism blogs and a whole lot of hate mail.
   Today however I decided to write about something important, actually the most important. My family. Since Mother's Day is approaching rather quickly it has got me thinking. I don't think I say enough how much I really love and appreciate my family. I mean the truth is I have it real good. I have a loving, hard working husband and the most amazing, intelligent and sweet little boy. What more could anyone ask for?
   Ceaghan will be 9 months old on the 15th of this month! Wow, time flies when your world is lovingly devoted to someone. He is doing great and I cannot fathom how it is possible for one to harbor so much energy!  I wonder if I will get extra cuddles as a mothers day present? :)
  I am doing well with my training. I have passed all the tests I have summoned up the courage to take so far. I am such a perfectionist and will be disappointed if I don't do even better on the others. I am learning a lot of very useful and interesting things however. I still get excited like a child in a candy store when I study. That's a good sign right?
  Nothing much else has really been going on. I have been extremely busy trying to keep up with everything while trying to soothe my teething child. I do however manage to attend lots of local meetings and support groups with other mothers and their children. Which I find really relaxing and nice to talk to other adults.  I did however meet someone who is only one year younger than me that upon speaking with her, I felt as though I was twice her age. How awkward it was. We had nothing in common other than our motherhood. How interesting is it that women who are in so many different life stages and paths can all be mothers! And even with all their differences, for the most part all we strive for is healthy happy children!
So to all you hardworking, exhausted, and beautiful mothers out there... Happy Mother's Day! I hope someone makes the day go by a little easier for you.