Friday, May 21, 2010

How everything comes together...

   Life is good. I don't share that enough. But really it is. I get to spend the days with my baby and do my studies at night while he is sleeping, cuddle with my hubby and catch as many play dates as I can.' It's all good' as one would say.
   Currently I am studying the communication portion for school and I am enjoying it much more that I assumed. I am very intrigued by the impact certain things make in a conversation.
  The biggest lesson so far has been that of learning to empathize over sympathize. It seems easy enough, but it comes with great struggle to most. I have been practicing and I am reaping great benefits from utilizing this. It is always good for one to take a step back and examine how their words are being used and interpreted. I hope I can find the right words to say to help and support my future clients.
  There is such a need to revert back to ones own experiences when challenged with another persons', however it is more effective to focus on how they feel rather then how you would. Am I rambling or am I making sense? It makes sense in my mind.  For some however the biggest challenge is excepting another decisions. I too will struggle with this. I will remind myself that I am supporting women in *their* choices and not my own. All you can do is put the information and facts out there to ensure they can make informed and educated decisions. Something that is right for you, might not be right for another.
   Anyway, I didn't imagine I could learn so much within this topic. My next challenge is completely the extensive paper I need to complete. This will be a challenge, mostly from having to reflect on my birth which I found traumatic and such.
  I recently bought a Mei Tai style baby carrier (Kozy brand) and I love it dearly. I have many different types of slings and baby carriers and this one is my favorite and by far the most comfortable I have ever worn. Ceaghan seems to like it as well. I cannot wait to have a reason to use it for an extended period of time!  That will most likely be at next weeks Health Fair. Here is a photo of him in it...

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