Friday, April 16, 2010

Face of Birth - documentary teaser

A new documentary is said to be released soon. The Face of Birth is "a documentary about pregnancy, childbirth and the power of choice." The documentary is going to expose the issues that women all around the world are facing when it comes to their births.

It struck something within me when one woman in this teaser clip stated.."People say "Oh my God, you had a home birth you are so brave"...the reality nowadays... especially once you said the word obstetrician...that's brave.." She is so right. When someone tells me that they are going to birth their child at the hospital under the care of an obstetrician, my mind immediately cringes and the thought of how hard they are going to have to fight for what they desire for their own birth. In most cases that is. And I get quite the opposite feeling when told about an impending home birth. I think "that is great!" and I automatically assume their birth will be a beautiful fulfilling experience. I find it sad that I must feel this way. Don't get me wrong, I will support many women within my future Doula services who will birth within hospital walls and that is okay. It is however obvious to me that anyone who chooses to or is forced into birthing at a hospital will have to fight hard and demand not be thrown into their cycle of interventions and time restraints.
I have hope. I have a feeling that things might change soon in the years to come. I have to believe that or I might just lose it.


  1. How dare they try to take a privilage like that away. I mean seriously, everyone should have choices. I was watching "A Baby Story" yesterday and they gave a woman a c-section because she wasn't dilating anymore after 2 hours. They wouldn't let her get up and walk AND they hadn't broke her water. The baby wasn't distressed nor was the mother. They just said, well let's have a c-section. Even worse, the mother didn't know that she could try to fight it. Instead she just kept crying thinking how horrible it was. I wish women were more informed of their choices.

  2. Yeah it is the lack of good information and the negative information we see in the media that really affects women while birthing. Especially in America. Most women do not know that what the doctor says is just a suggestion. And most American women think that formula is equivalent to breast milk. It makes me so sad...

  3. The way doctor's and nurses try to force women into doing what's easier for the hospital, instead of what's better for mom and baby, is why I'm becoming a labor doula. It's sickening to think that women's right to homebirth is being taken away. What one of the women in the video said at the end is dead on; it's not a feminist issue, it's a human rights issue.

  4. I feel the same way Mallory. It really is an human rights issue. I do not think that they have thought this out properly. What would happen if a women doesn't get to the hospital in time? Would she be up for possible prosecution? I am hoping that here in America they are moving towards becoming accepting of home birth. A girl can dream..right?