Saturday, June 26, 2010

How raw garlic can cure...

Recently I suffered with a unfriendly infection known as Mastitis. This infection affects the breast tissue. I acquired this by not being able to unblock a blocked milk duct.
It all started one morning when Ceaghan decided to refuse his morning feeding and skip it entirely to play with his toys. This was very random for him and I didn't think much of it at the time. However, when he did decide to nurse, he did so lying down with me in the bed and we both fell asleep. When I woke up I noticed immediately that my breast had a lump, was swollen and was very tender. I realized that this was a blocked milk duct. I knew that I had to try and relieve the blockage as soon as possible because I knew it could turn into Mastitis. I spent the entire day trying my best to unblock my duct. I used heat, cold, compresses, showers, soaking it, compression massage, and had Ceaghan nurse on that side first during every feeding. However, nothing would help. I was very frustrated and in a lot of pain. About 30 hours later I started noticing symptoms. I had a fever, chills, and I was very achy. I knew that these were signs of Mastitis and I felt very upset that I could not prevent it from occurring.
I decided that it would probably be best to go to the Emergency Room (as it was the weekend) and have a Doctor prescribe antibiotics. When I was seen the doctor gave me shocking misinformation. She stated that I had mastitis indeed and that if I did not want to risk "passing" it to my child I should pump and dump my milk on that side for 24 hours! This indeed proves that most doctors do not have training in lactation as it is impossible to pass this infection to the infant and it is beneficial to continue to nurse on the affected side as much as possible. I took the prescription and went home, it was too late to fill it.
A little while after I got home my symptoms got intensely worse. My fever spiked very high and I felt extremely ill. I decided that I could not wait to get the antibiotics and decided to look up natural cures. Upon doing so I found multiple resources explaining how Raw Garlic is a natural antibiotic and has cured many ailments. After reading so many positive reviews on it I decided that it was my best option.
I chopped up 4 cloves of garlic as small as I could and put them on a tablespoon with honey. I then swallowed it all without chewing. Raw Garlic is gross, it tastes awful, hurts going down and makes you smell for a week. However you must eat it raw in order to obtain the benefits. Cooking garlic removes these properties and makes it basically useless. Also contrary to what you would assume, Raw Garlic when eaten by a lactating woman is said to make her milk taste sweeter not gross. In doing so this has been said to draw the infant to want to nurse more frequently.
About an hour or so after consuming the Raw Garlic I suddenly felt almost completely better! I was shocked! My fever plummeted, my chills and aches were gone, and although my duct was still blocked I felt so much better! I went to sleep and when I woke up about 8 or 9 hours later I felt even better! The blockage was gone by the next morning and I have been great ever since! Chris picked up the antibiotics in case and I never needed them. I would have been on them for at least 10 days and I hate taking antibiotics. I hate the risk of thrush as well.
I am so thankful for this cure. It could not have been a coincidence that my symptoms went away so suddenly on their own. I know that the raw garlic cured my infection and I am so amazed!
Raw garlic has been used for centuries to cure many things. I will definitely be using this amazing herb in the future when needed.
I almost wish I could go back to that Emergency Room and have a talk with the doctor that I was seen by. I hope to never suffer from Mastitis again.

Try Raw Garlic, what can it hurt to try the natural remedy first. What do you have to lose?

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